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Souter Speculation Link Round-Up

Rumor and speculation are the life blood of covering nominations and appointments particularly during the early days of any presidential administration. That said, here are some helpful links and other info on who is on the short and expanded list of replacements.

The WSJ wants President Obama to appoint, “Jose Cabranes, a Puerto Rican immigrant named to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals by President Clinton in 1994.”

I got an oldie but goodie here. In July of 2007, Tom Goldstein wrote a really good post for SCOTUS blog on who Democratic Supreme Court nominees might be.

Stuart Taylor at the National Journal shares some “random thoughts” on what to expect when you are expecting a nominee.

Georgetown Law Professor Jefferey Rosen in the NYT urged the president not to follow the Souter model in picking a nominee, since he had “a hermetically sealed approach to the job” and “had had trouble communicating his ideas” to other Justices.

Mary L. Dudziak at Balkination says Obama should appoint someone like Justice Thurgood Marshall to the court.

Meteor Blades at DailyKos has a post featuring pics to go with the names of potential nominees being floated in the media.

Otis is Hungry at Daily Kos also has bios and commentary to go with the names.

Michele Malkin implores her fellow conservatives to gird their lions.

SCOTUS blog collected the statements from sitting Justices on Souter’s retirement.